Funäsdalen's Ski School

Address: Box 34, 84095 Funäsdalen Show map

Address: Box 34, 84095 Funäsdalen

This season big things are happening at The Mountain. Our brand new ski school will be open for business and invite you to all sorts of adventures, regardless whether your skiing career just started or if you want to geek out big time in all forms of skiing.

Have further questions or can't find a lesson that suits you? Write us a mail at and we'll work something out for you!

See you on The Mountain!

Discoverers (beginner)

The Discoverers is your skiing career starts at Funäsdalens ski school. Our most important thing to discover is that skiing is immensely fun but also how to stop and being able to ride the button lift. We mostly ride at and near Lolandet (Our kids area) where we learn the basics of skiing.

Explorers (easy)

The explorers are starting to have a look around the mountain. The pizza stop is already in the bag and we are now starting to look for new venues to ride in, and at the same time trying to keep our skis parallel in between the turns. You’ll find us warming up in Lolandet before we head over towards the fun park and maybe even all the way to the top! A few fun forest trails on the side is never wrong either!

Challengers (intermediate)

With the challengers we push ourselves even further. Now focus is on keeping your skis parallel in blue and red pistes alike in order to reduce your speed. Find us out in the ski system we find new challenges every day, both in and outside of the pistes.

Adventurers (Advanced)

For the adventurers the entire mountain is open. We ride everywhere and the goal is to keep parallel skis everywhere while constantly turning in order to control speed. We ride in any terrain or piste and are constantly searching for the next adventure.

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